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  • ALBI S110 Mouse Trap

  • Natural Bait: No Toxic Chemicals

    Baited ready to use: the bait is a natural non-toxic product and is highly attractive to mice

    Extraordinarily high catch rates: thousands of consumers tell of huge numbers caught in very short times.

    Swiss design with powerful spring mechanism

    Hygienic no-touch disposal of dead rodent

    The Mousetrap is child-safe: the snap-shut jaws will kill mice, but not harm children, or pets.

    For use indoors and outdoors

    Ideal for domestic and commercial use: for factories, offices, farms, orchards and plantations

    Replacement baits available. Replacement Bait ALBI S110-2 Pack of 6

    ALBI S110-1 Card of 2 Mouse Traps
    ALBI S110-2 Replacement Bait, Pack of 6