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  • ALBI S111 FSC Wood Mouse Trap

  • With Patented Safe-Setting Device

    The body of the trap is made of Forestry Stewardship Council certified wood. The FSC logo assures
    consumers that the wood comes only from carefully managed forests.

    The patented device makes the trap extraordinarily easy and safe to set. Eliminates completely the tricky
    (and often dangerous) fumbling that setting ordinary wood traps can entail.

    Unique Swiss design with powerful spring mechanism for optimum impact and instant humane killing.

    Specially shaped bait-holder to facilitate the use of all types of baits, cheese, bacon, chocolate, etc..

    The bait-holder is positioned centrally to the semi-circular bar so the mouse is struck with the optimum
    impact no matter from which direction it enters.

    For use indoors and outdoors 

    ALBI S111-1 FSC Wood Mouse Trap
    Single item unpacked

    ALBI S111-2 FSC Wood Mouse Trap
    Pack of 2